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Best thing i have read tonight.

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Super Hi-res Mycroft/Watson Promo image from season 2 - 2/7

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Hmm…I wonder what happened here.

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"But from now on, there's a new story. A bigger adventure."

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the Holmes boys

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Pilot!John: I looked you up on the internet last night
Pilot!Sherlock: Found anything interesting ?
Pilot!John: Yeah your grindr profile.
Pilot!Sherlock: ...
Pilot!John: So, you like military men ?
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John was drawn through Livestream. Thanks for being there guys!

I hope you like the colour schemes for them, I fail so hard on design…come to think of it, I kinda want John’s sleeve to be rolled up now. Or maybe remove Sherlock’s scarf kljalksdjfkxcbn aelkdfxbvFFFUUUUUUUU k that’s it I’m at least redoing John’s top sob…2 down, 2 more to go. Long live Portaling Sherlockians.

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I’m in deep debt, without you I wouldn’t survive

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If you think Sherlock wasn’t lonely before he met John Watson, remember that he named a skull after himself and then called it his friend.

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no words necessary

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